All web hosting is not created equal

You may find hosting cheaper, but its true that you get what you pay for.

When comparing hosting it is important to look at the processing power (CPU), memory (RAM) and resource limits allocated to the hosting plan.
In a shared hosting environment resource limits need to be set to prevent one particular site on a server from hogging all of the available resources, which would otherwise lead to the other hosted sites loading slowly. A cheap hosting plan will have lower resource limits, or be placed on an overcrowded server leading to your website loading slower and unable to handle requests.

We have partnered with one of Australia’s largest and reputable hosting provider to offer quality hosting at a competitive price. All of our web hosting is Australian based, improving the speed of data transfer between customers and websites. By using Australian based hosting your business should also expect to rank better within the search engines, as Google knows your content is intended for Australian consumers.

We also ensure your website is protected by regular automated back-ups. In the event of disaster it’s comforting to know your website can be restored back to an earlier point in time.

We have a range of web hosting solutions for your needs and budget starting from $20 per month.

Our standard hosting plan is best suited to smaller websites with less web traffic.
We also offer a business and premium plan for websites requiring even more resource limits. These plans hosted on enterprise grade Dell cloud hardware with SSD (solid state drive) storage.

Telephone support

As part of your ongoing hosting plan we offer telephone support during business hours. Just give us a call if you need help adding or updating content or notice something amiss with your site.

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