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today’s signage often dominates our environment rather than ENHANCing it!

In times passed, signs were hand created by talented sign writers. True artists who not only had amazing hand skills and painting techniques, but also understood typography, colour, viewing distances and considered the style of the building.

Alternatively, signs were often designed by architects as part of the building’s concept and construction. Signs were a thing of beauty.

Today, the proliferation of ugliness is all around us. Signage often has a part to play in degrading our built and natural environment. Often it is large corporations whose brand must reign supreme. Large plastic logos are put on buildings with no consideration of its’ history or style. Alternatively, small business may get signs ‘designed’ and manufactured by signage suppliers with no consideration of the visual impact on the building or surrounding heritage. Even designers add to the problem by ensuring the brand or look that they have created is carried through without looking at sensitive alternatives.

We aim to be different and have an alternative way in which we approach signage. We love design, think branding is important and understand consistency. We also love architecture and want to respect and honour what others have created before us. With care and consideration, both can be accommodated.

We want to get this message out, not to get on a soap box, but to try and raise awareness that our towns and cities will be much more visually appealing if we approach our signs in this way. The example below demonstrates how a modern corporate brand can be integrated with heritage features.

In addition to this:
  • We understand the importance of viewing distance and ensuring the correct typeface and size are used.
  • We can produce a wayfinding schedule for large projects. We consider how people will move through unfamiliar environments, where the key decision points are, viewing distances, messaging, directories and map design.
  • Signage guidelines for larger businesses can also be produced to ensure a consistent signage experience at all your business locations.

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