Mayo Private Hospital

Wayfinding / directional Signage

Client background

The Mayo Private Hospital is the major private health care facility in the Manning Valley. It is under the Healthe Care umbrella which runs 35 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand


The existing way finding signage was dated and confusing for clients to navigate through the hospital grounds. New way finding signage was required to address these issues and keep it in line with the current Healthe Care brand guidelines.


As a large health care organisation, Heathe Care had comprehensive brand guidelines which had signage specifications.

We conducted and audit of the current signage and short falls. These included confusing information, incorrect letter heights for viewing distances and a mis match of type and graphic styles. In addition to this it was ascertained that the current Healthe Care specifications were not going to work well in this rural setting where viewing distances where much greater than in urban hospitals.

As a result we made amendments by making signs bigger and increasing the font weight so that legibility was going to be better at these distances. In addition to this we made a departure from the corporate brand so that the signage would work in with the existing architecture, to create a visually harmonious signage solution.

The way finding project included major entry signage, car park directionals, doctors and specialist name boards.