Well Creative designs and develops websites servicing the Mid North Coast of NSW: Forster, Taree, Port Macquarie, Kempsey and Sydney.


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Search Engine Optimisation

Digital media is your most cost effective marketing tool. Its reach is large and targeted. Before you think about getting a new site get your brand right first.



Building a website is like building a house. To get the best result you require an architect and a builder. When the creative and the technical work together you get the best results. You can’t have one without the other.

Internet users are impatient

You only get one chance to make a good impression and hook your potential customer. Remember that perception is reality and your website also speaks volumes about what kind of business you are.

A successful website should:

  • provide a positive user experience
  • be intuitive to use
  • be informative and present information logically
  • be visually appealing and ‘on brand’
  • work on all devices: Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

We have experience in designing and building all types of websites. From simple information based sites to large hub sites with high-end functionality.


All our development is done in-house as we believe that the designer and developer have to work together to achieve the best result.

  • There is a huge scope with the functionality we can work into your site
  • Our websites are responsive which means they look great on all devices
  • We build them on an easy to use content management system which gives you ongoing control.


We develop our sites with WordPress. Over recent years it has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility and ease of use.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that has an easy-to-use interface. This means that when you need to update the content on your website you can do this yourself without incurring agency charges. WordPress is powerful and flexible too. It accommodates:

  • E-commerce
  • blogs
  • social media integration
  • image galleries
  • GPS location services
  • Google map integration

There are not many situations where WordPress is not the right choice.


We can help you grow your business online. We do this by designing and developing e-commerce sites that are visually appealing and easy to use. We have a strong focus on user experience making sure that your customers return. We have helped a variety of businesses ranging from small start-up business to established business with large product ranges.

We first establish who your target market is, your product range and backend requirements for stock control, pricing and reporting. We then design and build the right site for your needs, now and into the future.

Features include:

  • Store front with product overview and product detail
  • Shopping cart
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Tax

For more detail on what is included look at our pricing guidelines or click here for live example.


Responsive websites provide an optimal viewing experience on all devices. Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Tablets and Mobile phones. You have one website for all devices as it adapts to the size of the device being used.

You can’t understate the importance of responsive web design. The number of people accessing their digital content from mobile devices has grown exceptionally. If your website is not catering to the mobile user you are missing out! Your potential (and impatient) customers will find alternative websites that display well on their mobile device.

A recent study by Google showed that more than 80% of people never leave home without their smart phones, and they use them everywhere: At home, at work and even in stores as they decide which product to purchase. Mobile web usage has grown so much that you simply can’t afford to ignore it!

Mobile now accounts for 28% of all website traffic.

The break down of this mobile usage is:

  • Phone: 31.4 percent of mobile traffic
  • iPad: 15.6 percent of mobile traffic
  • Android Phones: 41.1 percent of mobile traffic
  • Android Tablets: 3.4 percent of mobile traffic

With new devices coming onto the market each year and the market shares diversifying it is critical that websites are responsive for mobile devices to avoid missing out on traffic and revenue.

The total percentage of mobile traffic continues to grow and is up 171% since 2011. It is predicted mobile traffic will equal desktop traffic by the end of 2015.*

Statistics from Walker Sands is a marketing and public relations company providing data-driven marketing information. The Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report is compiled by examining web analytics data across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in multiple on line sectors. http://www.canberranet.com.au/articles/mobile-traffic-website-visits/


Getting your site on the first page of a Google search is a dark art. We have found that using a witch doctor, sacrificing chickens and bleeding the odd goat to the Google Gods yeilds good results but makes a mess of the studio. This is why we now lean to a more technical approach. This includes:

  • Finding out what the key word people are using to search for a business like yours
  • Ensuring this is in the optimum place for Google to index
  • Making sure your content is following best practice
  • Adding links to and from your site
  • If possible using a web address (URL) that clearly states what you do and what people search for.



How much will a new website cost you? It is dependent on how many pages and the features you require. Our pricing calculator enables you to build your site with a running total of how much it will cost.

The following list outlines the different pages we offer on our price calculator.

Use this as a catalyst for thinking about what you need to include on your website.
Use our price calculator to see how much it will cost.
Don’t see what you need? Contact us and we can custom build a solution for you.
All seems too hard? No problem. Contact us and we can build a quote for you.
  • On each page you can include add-on functionality
  • Keep adding the amount of pages you require
  • Select a web hosting plan that suits your needs
  • Register a domain name / web address (optional)


All sites include universal navigation.

Add-on to entire site

  • Search
  • Social media like and/or share this site


You can add on to any page the following functionality

  • Single image
  • Image gallery
  • Download file
  • Form
  • Review / comment
  • Social media like and/or share this page
  • Table of information
  • Video player
  • Google map
  • Add page to wish list
  • Link button to third party web site (Trip Advisor, booking engine, event management site etc.)
  • Weather
  • Audio MP3 file download/MP3 player
  • Private/registered user access


Information page

Basic type of page that has text / information. Page includes maximum of 10 content sections consisting of text, image and section break.

Listing / product page

Product or listing pages have text / information and images for each item you wish to display. Examples of listing pages include staff bio’s, business listings, event listings or product listings.

Image gallery

Image gallery pages have multiple thumb nail images in a grid. When one is clicked the image is displayed larger. You can then click forward or back to the next image.


This allows your user to send you information. You can access this information through the content management system.

Examples of a form page are:

  • Registration for e-newsletter
  • User registration / login
  • Contact us form
  • Quote from
  • Order form
  • Inquiry from

Social media feeds / video

All your social media can be displayed on your site. Great if you want people who do not have a social media account to see what you are posting. You can also brand the feeds so they integrate seamlessly into your site. Also great if you have lots of videos that you want users to see using either YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Vimeo

Wish List

A wish list page enables users of your site to add the page or specific content on a page to a wish list page where they can review only what they are interested in. Examples of this may include building an itinerary on a tourism site, adding a selection of products which you may want to purchase or compiling a selection of blog articles. The user registers or logs in to review the content at a later date. Enables you to build a data base of customers.

Reviews / Comment

Allows users to add reviews / comments to your site. These can go live to your site or remain pending for your approval. This page requires users to register so a registration / login form is mandatory for this page.

Location services

Users can see what is close to them via their GPS on their computer or mobile device. Good for business that have multiple branches or if you are showcasing lots of third party business. Customers can find out what is the closest to them at that moment.

Book / brochure viewer

Allows you to put your print publication on your site and users can turn the pages like a book.

Events calendar

Users can see what is scheduled for the next 12 months


Add Google map with any route that you require. Great for suggested tourist drives or directions for customers to find you.

Coupons / tickets

After simple registration / login, users are emailed discount coupons that they can print out or show on their mobile device. Each coupon has a unique QR code which when scanned by you is redeemed. Also works for ticket sales with the integration of a e-commerce payment gateway.


A full featured E-commerce solution. Features include

  • Branded shop front
  • Product tile overview with thumbnail image, price, star rating, price and add-to-cart button. Sought listings by price, popularity etc. Cart overview and Categories shortcut
  • Product detail page
  • Image gallery, description, option drop down menu, product suggestions, related products and product reviews
  • Shopping cart overview
  • Checkout
  • Payments
  • Bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card & PayPal account payments), BACS, and Cash on Delivery. Lots of specific payment gateway extensions.
  • Shipping
  • Options of offering free shipping, or flat rate shipping. Cater for specific distribution logistics, like table rate shipping, through a variety of shipping extensions.
  • Inventory
  • Easily manage your digital or physical products with our intuitive backend user interface. Your e-commerce site will scale with your growth. Assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.
  • Reporting
  • Keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales & reviews, stock levels & general store performance, all from the user-friendly backend.
  • Marketing
  • Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits & product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.
  • Tax
  • Tax is the last thing you want to think about when opening a shop. We’ve made it simple. Configure tax settings with tax classes & local tax rates.


A blog consists of:

  • An overview page which lists articles.
  • Full article on its own page
  • Filter and search functionality including dates, tags and categories
  • Optional review / comments on articles

Third party website integration

Sometimes the most cost effective and best developed solution is with a third party. Your business may need a cloud based software solution for the day-to-day running of your business. For most small business owners developing your own solution is just too expensive, a cost which you can never recoup. We can integrate your website a with third party.

For example: You are a hotel and need a booking engine. We would recommend ‘The Booking Button’ which has been developed to manage room inventory and link relevant on line booking engines such as booking.com. Our site can have your brand, image gallery, social media, room description, reviews etc but we then link to the third party.

It’s like building a house. You could build your kitchen from scratch or you can get a flat-pack kitchen and save.

Contact us about your preferred third party solution.


We have a range of web hosting solutions for your needs and budget. All our hosting is Australian based. We also ensure that your site is safe by regular automated back-ups.

Standard c-panel web hosting

The following webhosting solutions are suitable for most small to medium size businesses.

You pay by the month or annually via credit card through our payment gateway.

Web hosting standard per month

Storage and bandwidth

Disk space = 10 GB

Monthly data limit = 20 GB

Email features

Email accounts = 20

Mailbox size: 1 GB


Catch-all address

Anti-spam / Anti-virus


Databases (MySQL)

Number of databases = 2

Database storage limit = 1 GB


Online control panel

DNS zone management

Web statistics

Shared SSL certificate

Web hosting business per month

Storage and bandwidth

Disk space = 50 GB

Monthly data limit = 100 GB

Email features

Email accounts = 50

Mailbox size: 1 GB


Catch-all address

Anti-spam / Anti-virus


Databases (MySQL)

Number of databases = 10

Database storage limit = 2 GB


Online control panel

DNS zone management

Web statistics

Shared SSL certificate

Web hosting premium per month

Storage and bandwidth

Disk space = 100 GB

Monthly data limit = Unlimited

Email features

Email accounts = 500

Mailbox size: 1 GB


Catch-all address

Anti-spam / Anti-virus


Databases (MySQL)

Number of databases = Unlimited

Database storage limit = 5 GB


Online control panel

DNS zone management

Web statistics

Shared SSL certificate

Ongoing charge billed either quarterly or annually and charged to credit card and must be paid prior to launch. Includes training and support for 3 months.

Dedicated VPS web hosting

If your site is a larger, high traffic, hub site then we recommend a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your web site

Our VPS hosting platform is a clustered, auto-failover network, built on IBM Blade servers and is completely managed by VMware. If any issues with the server are detected, VMware instantly replicates the machine elsewhere within the network to prevent downtime.

Our Australian based web hosting is Best-of-breed and offers the latest server technologies such as:

  • Private hosting environment offering more security than a shared hosting environment typically offered by other web hosts.
  • Includes C-Panel hosting.
  • Linux based OS offering speed and security.
  • Daily backup.
  • Automatic security updates.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Our quad core server delivers super fast processing power.
  • 99.9% up-time guarantee.
  • Ongoing charge billed quarterly. Includes training and support for 3 months.


You may also need to register your domain name (web address), have a payment gateway for your E commerce site or if you are collecting sensitive information from customers you might require a SSL certificate which incripts their data in case your site is compromised.

Domain name registration

For .AU addresses registration is for a two year period

Payment gateway – E-Way

  • Integration and updates of payment gateway into site. Price for 1 year.
  • E-way account will have to be set up with E-Way. Ongoing charges and commissions apply. For more info please visit www.eway.com.au/pricing/popular-plans

SSL certificate

Key features

  • $100,000 warranty
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Free re-issue
  • GeoTrust Site Seal Browser compatibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Price for 12 Months